Corporate Magic

Why subject your sales team to yet another boring PowerPoint lecture on the benefits of prospecting? Let them see and feel the impact while a $1 bill turns into a $100 bill right before their eyes.  Your keynote speaker should engage and inspire the audience – magically – with products and illusions that relate to their world.  Captivate and inform your sales team by choosing a performer who can deliver highly visual effects accompanied by a message driven script.
Rupesh Thakurs magic will communicate the message stronger and more long-term than any other medium.  Money will levitate and show the power of raising revenue.  Rupesh will read people’sminds, telling people what playing card they’re thinking of, and to show the importance of thinking like the customer. He has these and many other ways to demonstrate your company’s core valuesthat you want to impress upon your sales team showing why your product or service is the best in the world!

If you are looking for extraordinary results,  Rupesh Thakur will blow your mind!

Rupesh Thakur is a highly respected trade show and business magician plenty experience in providing the exhibitor with a high-powered, attention-grabbing presentation that highlights your company and products. With Rupesh, You can rest assured that you are getting a solid professional with years of trade show experience, Rupesh consistently delivers results.

When it comes to trade shows Rupesh Thakur is the perfect spokesperson for your exhibit. Rupesh pioneered the concept of trade show magic in Nepal and is recognized by magicians worldwide for his innovative sales magic presentations. As the leading trade show magician in Nepal he uses his world-class sleight-of hand magic to attract prospects to your exhibit and deliver your corporate advertising message through the art of magic and illusion.

If your trade show is also having a hospitality suite you will find having a world class magician of Rupesh Thakurs caliber at your cocktail reception will make your hospitality suite the talk of the trade show or business presentation. He will make your event a memorable success.