Rupesh Thakur

Rupesh Takur offers theatrical magic shows, even on the grandest scale.

Rupesh Thakur has proven himself to be one of the most influential magicians in the Nepalese magic world today. His work as a master magician has changed the way live Magic entertainment has come to look in Nepal. Specifically, his understanding of illusioneering, combined with his vision of cutting edge science of illusion and imagery, has allowed him to literally redefine illusion as a venerable element in a live platform.

Rupesh Thakur already has a magic show for the following occasions:




School events

Business presentations


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Magic has an international appeal, almost like a universal language, and bridges all cultural and geographic boundaries even more than music or any other type of entertainment. Live magic is an artform all on it’s own. Every industry is constantly looking to re-invent itself. Also in the field of magic state of the art technology is used to create a new and modern style of magic. Magic has proven in history to use technology that is ahead of its time. magic creators are experts who understand today’s theatre and entertainment business.

Rupesh Thakur has a different site for his consulting work for companies:

Besides being a magician he also is a professional and well known designer of theatrical magic effects. Magicians, illusionists and Magic show Tv producers from world over contact him for ideas for putting mega magic into their act. He provides all information, tools, tips and expert help to make magicians do grand illusions, such as Aeroplanes and helicopters dissappearances and appearances, building and yatch and submarines and vehicles disappearances and appearances, explosions and fire-escapes! Teletransportation effects; 100 people vanish and appearances at a go… Truck levitations, or Truck Changes.. Anything you can imagine.